Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Spell

First: Put Salt In Bath, Do This On Any Day, Have Shells Around Bath, And Have Your Favorite Piece Of Jewlery! You Can Also Go To A Lake Or Beach, Stick Your Foot In The Water And Say The Spell Without A Symbol.

Spell: Put The Piece Of Jewlery In Your Hand And Say This Spell 3 Times! Or Just Say It 3 Times If You Are Sticking Your Foot In The Water.

Ocean Waves And Ocean Breeze Come Upon Me.

Let Me Become What I Wish To Be.

I Want To Swim Far Below And See Coral Grow.

I Want To Breath Under Water.

Air, I Do Not Need Anymore.

Let Me Become A Mermaid/Merman Forever More!

I Wish For A(n) ( Color ) Tail And The Power(s) Of ( The Powers You Want ) Is All I Seek!

I No Longer Want Humanity!

If You Want To Be A Mermaid...You Will NOT Get A Top With Your Tail.

This Spell Will NOT Work Automatically!

It Will Take Approx. 3 Month To 7 Months! Everything Takes Time!

Side Affects: 
Itchy Legs 
Neck Hurts
Arms Itchy 
Feet Turing To A Weird Color 
Crossing Legs A LOT 
Singing More Than Usual 
Legs Sticking Together 
Wanting To Drink Lots Of Water 
Head Aches 
Wanting Lots Of Salt 
Stomach Aches 
Feels Like There Is A Heart Beat In Your Leg
Mermaid Dreams

If You Have More Side Affects DIFFERENT From The Ones I Listed, Please COMMENT! =) I Would Like To Know If This Spell Is Working Or Not!=) 


Hope It Works For You! =)


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    1. ummm, ok, good for you, weird person

    2. the one who said your stupid um you know if you call someone stupid then maybe your stupid!

  2. Replies
    1. no it's just a simple spell :3

      witchcraft is a belief system and practice and to me this doesn't have any of that in there

    2. Of course it is!!! ALL SPELLS are intertwined with wicca or paganism! Any spell cast is practing part of wicca!

    3. *All spells are witchcraft, any spell casting is practicing witchcraft. Just sayin

  3. I'm gonna try it hope it works!!!!

  4. Hmmmmm I am not sure. Maybe I will try....

  5. This sounds interesting. Did it work? I might give it a try...

  6. wait. So according what other ppl were saying it's witchcraft? That's bad, right? isn't witchcraft like Satan stuff? Ok, so now you've got me worried.

  7. it really works!!

  8. I did this in november and its july now

  9. my feet realy get alot of pins and needles and sometimes i cant breath air propoly i feel dizzy

  10. who has this worked for

    1. My neighbors Kasey and Anna we live by a beach they r now full time mermaids and i visit them a lot cuz i am a mermaid when i get wet

  11. Replies
    1. hey i know a great spell that works ok here it is:magic spirits of the deep i would like a tale not 2 feet beauty be upon me fish all kinds let me see when im finished in the sea when im dry my feet return to me

    2. That spell does work people! I became a mermaid with that spell!!!