Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lady of the Lake
set loose in the sea,
my feet, though replace
with your fins upon me.
I evoke the words,
this drought to quell,
I become her
through this spell!

whistles howl ,thunderous bells,little whispers from sea shells ,
the notion yes
the ocean calls,
right asleep before she falls,
dreams may come 
of half human fish ,
be careful yes if this you wish,
for water spirits are to kiss,
simple plans a human made ,
and is her wish to be mermaid..

Beluga, Sevruga 
Come winds of the Caspian Sea 
Larynxes, glossitis 
Et Max Laryngitis 
La voce to me 

Well tell her u know the spell mertopia.
So get a glass of watr 4 each
so the words labled 1 is wat u tell her 2 do
2 is wat u do
1giv her the glass and say gargl this and continue to
2.u say if u want 2 bcum a mermaid only 1 person can do it dif u and ur friend swish in mouth so u dont look like idiots
1then make her wiggle her armzand shake her knees
2. u just wave 1 hand as if saying hi


  1. um the second to last one i translated the major words(dictionary) and after come winds of the caspian sea it talks of laryngitis and inflamation of the tongue

    that may seriously also mess up your ability to talk clearly cus it talks of your voice too :I

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  3. Replies
    1. STOP calling it fake, u make up spell, see if it works, if it doesn't, I would've told u it was fake if it didn't on me, but, I don't wanna be mean or anything, just be quiet or read a book, or something like that, and stop being mean!

    2. Oh my Lord! Can you people stop with the "oh this is fake" and "Oh my god you are stupid' nonsense! That gets so annoying! If you internet jerks kept tormenting me like this, man I don't even want to get into that! You guys just act like crap towards people, basically, you're cyberbullying! And I absolutely agree with the other anonymous person who posted a comment on 6/28/13! Go grab a sub, and hit the road, my god....................................................................--___--!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Omg the one where it says'Beluga, sevruga' is from the movie the Ariel: little mermaid

    1. I know u have a kid named Angalee

  5. hay um do u have a kid named Anglalee let me be clearer her nickname is Lee- Lee.

  6. You know these spells are from a Yahoo! Answers question with a girl trying to trick her friend into thinking she was a mermaid with a fake spell, and these are the answers people put. These are MADE to seem fake and stupid, and they are. Try spells that do work, because they exist :D

    1. !!!!!!!
      It is illegal to copy something from one website to another (I think)

  7. Don't being saying rude comments because it worked for me and im a MERMAID I will freeze you