Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It's been a long time

Hey Guys! I was searching for spells lately and I can't find any but if you see the following spell don't try it, It doesn't work believe me.
Here it is:
As i lay here in this water,
I conceal myself to you.
Air was needed,
now no more,
My legs squeeze and join.
A mermaid forever be.


  1. OK then y did u post it? If it doesn't work? Relly pointles- whut u playin at?

  2. Where do you do it, people post information for a reason, ya know!

  3. I can do this mermaid spell in the sea or in a rock pool

  4. K powers r weather elements telikaneis water moving heating freezing and if done well shapshifting works best on full moon but can be done on new or waxing must have symbol and be wet you can be freshwater more powerful or saltwater prettier if your freshwater you can still go in to saltwater you can choose if your a atalintic or something or a southern or northern or even if american you can be a certain type I am freshwater southern Irish mermaid here's the spell sprits of the oceans lakes and rivers let me be a met. Like you with the rights and powers of your people with a tail of purple (this is mine ) and the powers of your people I am a freshwater met with southern background with Irish with me

  5. I mean mer and purple and silver and navy blue