Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Spell

You need a charm, and a foot bath, or a regular bath.
First, I held the charm in my hand and tightly squeezed it. Then, I got my legs and feet wet.  And I recited:
Magic spirits deep in the sea, please please listen to me.
When wet I get a ___ tail instead of legs and a ___ scaly bra too,  Powers, POWERS! What's a mermaid without them?  The power(s) of ___ is what I would like so I can't complain then!  When dry, I get my legs back just the same as before I was wet, which infact, means my whole body. Rain cannot change me, but a drop of any other water will.  The full moon can put me in a trance, but magic spirits deep in the sea, you choose that, not me! When I'm directly under the water, I get harmless gills, but when my head pops up and into the air again,  my gills go away until I put my head back under.  Magic spirits deep in the sea, please please listen to me!

Then I continued with my shower and prayed to God that the spell would work.

Side effects
1. Itchy legs
2. Aching legs
3. Stomach ache
4. Intense thisrt
5. Back ache
6. Beautiful singing
7. Fatigue
8. Legs feel slimy in water
9.Legs crossing by themselves
10. Legs trying to stick together
11. Legs and breasts turning colour of choice
Lessons & tips: I did it in the shower, and not when my whole body was wet.
 Try not to touch water for a while... Drinking it is fine.
Keep praying to God that it works.
Trust me!
Belive that it will work.


  1. how long can you not touch water?

  2. i got a weird side effect. as soon as i got out of the water, a scab on my leg started bleeding. is that good?

  3. how long does it take to become a mermaid? And how long do you not touch water?

  4. well it worked for the girl in 2 days so it depends

  5. Your right it depends on what type of person you are and weather it will work or not!

  6. Sorry I have just tryed a your "soon to be" new mermaid tail

  7. I tried a spell, not this but another, and now i have what seem to be white scaled spreading on my feet, they itch to high heavens, and they arent anything else, im certain, they look like tiny white and silver fish scales

  8. Im have not try this spell yet.but I try a other spell tonight but Idk if it will work or not I am believed this will work.��