Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How to make a spell

First! Grab a pencil and some loose leaf!
Now lets get started!
1. Start it off with something powerful (ex. mermaids of the sea hear my plead, Inner power come to me a mermaid I wish to be.)
 You should add this once in a while in your spell: Mermaids of the sea, hear my plead,
make me what I wish to be! A mermaid with a tail of gold!
Mermaids of the sea, hear my plead...(and so on and so forth)
2. You have to be specific to what to want! (ex. blue tail, have gills to breath underwater, etc)

3. Add in your spell when it will be finished (ex: "In two weeks I will have my tail")

4. (You don't need to put this in your spell!:) Pick when to do your spell (on a full moon (which is the best choice) or anytime at all?)
5. (You don't need to put this in your spell!:) Pick where to do your spell (at a beach? or in your bathtub?)

6. Look over your spell! (does something not make sense, is it too plain?)
7. Once your spell is created, make sure you have a symbol (a symbol can be a necklace, bracelet, ring (etc) above your waist, given to you by a loved one or it's your favourite piece of jewelry. But just make sure it won't fall off or you'll probably have to do the spell again)
8. And most of all, put faith and hope into your spell! If you think it's not going to work, then it 


  1. I made up a spell a month ago so I would be a mermaid on my birthday and so far it's working
    Thanks 4 ur help

    1. Wow that's awesome so it really works then?
      I wanted to be a mermaid forever so I got sad and tried all spells i could find and then I gave up and bought a mermaid tail! :D

    2. I made up a spell but I havent tried it yet but I have high hopes that it works so wish me good luck!!!!!! I am super nerveous!>!>!>!>!

  2. Anonymous is right is HELPS bc I AM A MERMAID!!!! I CAN HEAR NATURE!!

  3. so it works !?!?!?!!? iim about to try

  4. my spell is going to be hard to fig out

    1. Can you put yur spell on here please


    Hold a shell on your right hand and your left in water
    And say

    Mermaid spell

    other mermaids hear me plead make me a mermaid
    when wet i grow a tail when dry i grow back my feet
    and let me have a (any color)tail and let me have the
    power to(any power) and other mermaids please oh

  6. You will become a mermaid tomarrow and when
    you touch water you will become a mermaid

  7. You forgot to add somthin if you make it like I will be a mermaid tommorow then it's probley not going to work Cauz when u make it longer like a month it's 99% it will work and don't blame me if it didn't work Cauz I got this from anthor site!

  8. does ur spell work with sea stars or star fish or whatever you call them

  9. I tired everything but is making ur own spell really works